There are plenty of recourses out there and it can be overwhelming.

Start by dedicating 15 minutes a day educating you on this new lifestyle. Here are some suggestions on where to start. These are some of the resources that helped us:



The Big Fat Surprise by Nina Ticholz was one of the most helpful books for me. It opened my eyes. It challenged my beliefs and made me consider that maybe I had it all wrong. It took me on an intriguing journey of how we as a society ended up with the diabetes and obesity crisis we are now faced with.





We listened to a ton of podcasts on keto, nutrition, and bodybuilding/weightlifting. Here are a few of our favorite podcasts to start with:

The Ketovangelist, Ketogenic Athlete, Robb Wolf The Paleo Solution, High Intensity Health.


If you enjoy listening to podcasts check out my keto365transformation Pinterest page under the podcast pin for a few more of the podcasts I listen to:


People you should Google

  • Dr. Stephen Phinney Nutritional Ketosis
  • Dr. Jason Fung Intermittent Fasting For Weight Loss
  • Dr. Jeff Volek Keto Adaptation
  • Ivor Cummings cholesterol
  • Dr. Westman
  • Dave Feldman cholesterolcode.com
  • Dr. Benjamin Bikman Brown Fat
  • Thomas Seyfried Fasting, Autophagy and Cancer
  • Gary Taubes Why We Get Fat


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